Goodness sealed in


Silotite protects millions of silage bales every year across the world. Silotite has been developed for problem-free usage on all bale wrapping machines, and combines the advantages of high strength, reliability and durability of bale packaging.

5-layer technology – Silotite is manufactured with the latest 5-layer extrusion technology, in order to supply consistently reliable, high-quality bale packaging.

High penetration and tear resistance - Due to its outstanding penetration and tear resistance, Silotite can also perfectly package even prickly grass, alfalfa or horse silage.

Optimum adhesion - Silotite's optimised adhesive seals the bales effectively and thus produces the ideal anaerobic conditions. Thanks to its 5-layer design, Silotite provides a highly durable and exceptionally effective barrier which prevents the penetration of oxygen.

Consistently good elasticity - Silotite has the high strength and flexibility required to maintain a good bale shape after wrapping, and in addition to maximise the bale density.

UV protection for all climatic conditions - Silotite is manufactured so that it is suitable for the different climatic conditions across the world. This ensures that Silotite is able to withstand extreme temperatures and to protect the bales safely during storage.

Certified in accordance with the SP standard – Certified through the SP Technical Institute of Sweden, which includes a comprehensive examination both of the manufacturing procedure and of the finished product.

Certified manufacture - Silotite is manufactured on production systems to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards. Every roll is labelled individually for 100 % tracking in the unlikely case of a problem.

Technical specifications

Width (mm)Density (μm)Length (m)Pallet dimensions (cm)Rolls/ pallet (pcs.)Pallet height (m)
250251800112 x 11264 ± 1.28
360251500100 x 12580± 1.65
500251800108 x 10848± 1.65
750251500100 x 125 40± 1.65

Silotite is available in:

  • olive green
  • eco green