TopTex protection fleece

Effective protection for straw bales and grains

TopTex protection fleece reliably protects straw bales against wind and weather and ensure good ventilation. The quality of the straw remains impeccable throughout the entire winter period, it also dries after driving rain and does not sustain mildew. TopTex has also been proven over many years for potato and beet clamps.

The advantages of TopTex protection fleece:

  • air and steam permeable (prevents mildew)
  • best possible water water repellent (diverts rain at slopes of >45°)
  • not susceptible to wind (does not flutter)
  • straw drenched by driving rain dries to large extent
  • tear proof (also in strong wind)
  • UV-sturdy (life span of at least 3 years)

Please see the following PDF documents for detailed information pertaining to straw protection by TopTex: