Tips for the perfect cover of silo systems

For stable silage:

  • tear proof
  • punch proof
  • UV-sturdy for at least 12 months
  • impermeable to gas
  • can be combined with 40 underlay wrap

Made in Germany DIN EN ISO 9002 certified

The correct preparation of the silo is important at the beginning of the storage.

Inserting an edge foil not only protects the outer wall from the fermentation acids, it also prevents the intrusion of air and rain water from the edge of the silo. If the base of the silo is not fixed, the possible entry of dirt has to be prevented. For this purpose it is possible to place foil under the feed stock.

Once the silo is completely filled ...

... a small ditch is excavated at the silo wall. This ditch not only prevents the silo bags from moving, it also optimally presses the foil against the silo wall.

The edge foil is folded under on the side.

In addition to the actual silo foil ...

... the application of a thin underlay foil (40 my) has proven useful. This foil virtually sucks itself onto the silage and thus prevents the intrusion of air between the actual silo foil and the surface of the feed stock.

The actual silo foil is rolled out at the centre of the underlay foil.

Both foils are simultaneously ...

... pulled apart with care. To provide good security at the silo wall, both foils have to extend beyond the rim.

Finally, a silo protection grille ...

... is placed on the foil and also affixed with silo bags. The grille effectively protects the silo foil from damages and prevents it from fluttering. Furthermore, cross barriers made from silo bags have to be placed on top every 4 to 5 meters.

Silo bags are indispensable for the airtight ...

... cover. They have to press the foil onto the wall and remain at the wall permanently. However, when placing the silo bags it must be ensured that they overlap and that the gravel filling is spread over the entire length.

The silo bags have to be ...

... filled with round pebbles (0.5 - 1.0 cm diameter). However, each individual bag can only be filled to a maximum of three quarters.

This is what the perfect silo cover ...

... locks like shortly before completion.