Tama PRO-Tec 2,600 and 3,600 m

Your bales are better protected and look better with Tama Pro-Tec. The high adhesive characteristics guarantee taut bales and minimal net consumption.

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Zebra system

The Zebra System indicates the running direction of the net roll and the wrapping direction at the bale.

Attention end of roll

Each Tama Protect Edge to Edge roll has a well visible warning strip toward the end of the roll.

Carrier handles

Tama Protec Edge to Edge rolls can be easily carried with two handles.
It is principally recommended that at least two people jointly insert the net rolls into the presses.

Pallet spacer

Tama Protec Edge to Edge net rolls are secured roll by roll due to the pallet spacers. This prevents the net rolls from rolling toward you unchecked.

Technical support

If your bale packaging does not produce optimal results, it is often due to the system - meaning the interaction of material and machine. Do not hesitate to call us. We are happy to assist you with advice and support.

Tama Marathon 4.2 & 2.8 km - zebra net of the next generation

  • 20% more perfect bales!
  • 40% more net than on a 3000 m roll.
  • But only 10% more weight.
  • New net of the latest generation
  • Optimised zebra stripes - higher visibility

Bale+ is a combination of special raw materials and a unique production process. Only TAMA provides you with the following advantages with this new technology:

  • ROLL LENGTH - for full press capacity (4.2 km)
  • TEAR RESISTANCE - minimum 270 kg for maximum performance also in case of sensitive harvests
  • ROLL WEIGHT - only Bale+ combines length and tear resistance with a weight of only 42 kg
  • CONSISTENCY - constant high quality for each harvest in every press.

Zebra, zebra stripe samples and Bale+ technology are registered trademarks of TAMA Plastic Industry.