Return of old foils

What to do with old foils?

Every year, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, in cooperation with the member agricultural cooperation societies and corn houses, organises the nationwide return and processing of used silo foils.

The Raiffeisen agricultural cooperative societies hereby pursue the recycling process and provide agriculturalists with a sensible alternative to depots or incineration.

For further questions, please contact your agricultural cooperative society, your corn house / agricultural centre or directly:

  • Mr André Geißler
  • Phone: 0251/682-2583
  • Fax: 0251/682-4583

Silo foil - What can be delivered?

Only silo foils without stretch/wrapping foil and free from yarns are accepted. The foils should be swept clean, bundled and, if possible, dry.

Silo foil delivery - where and when?

Collection occurs at various locations in the AGRAVIS area. Your Raiffeisen partner shall informed you of the collection date of your agricultural cooperative society or your corn house in due time. We are also happy to inform you of the exact date and place of the next collection in your vicinity.

Silo foil - tips for the collection

The high dirt component in silo foils poses large problems for the recycling operations. The wear to the shredder system (blades) is extremely high and the processing of the cleaning water and the disposal of the sledge are expensive.
As agriculturalist, you can decisively contribute to keeping the costs for the disposal as minimal as possible by observing the following:

  • Start early to clean and fold the foils, as old silo foil occurs throughout the entire year.
  • Collect the foil from the silo location during good weather, it can than be cleaned with greater ease.
  • Fold the foils into bundles, it facilitates the transport

What happens to the collected silo foils?

AGRAVIS has the foils delivered by the agriculturalists to the collection points transported to the foil manufacturers. Here, they are shredded in a special recycling process, washed intensively several times, dried and melted in an extruder. The obtained granulate is reused in the production of new silo foils and construction foils and the circle is thus closed.