Bale or net replacement film



Best conservation of feed by using our bale film instead of a net! Silage bales which have been produced with TrioBaleCompressor have a clearly higher density and more stable form than bales wrapped with net and are thus easier to store and handle. Apart from that, the long side is additionally protected with film, which makes it possible to use less film, ensures that bales are better and faster hermetically sealed and offers the more compact bales additional protection during transport and storage.

Another attractive advantage: Bale and wrapping film can be opened together in one work step and can afterwards also be disposed of together! No more time-consuming unwinding, no more need for waste separation! Especially in combination with our PreTech stretch films you will obtain excellent feed at best quality!

Advantages at a glance:

• Long side additionally protected with film
• improved hermetical seal for improved feed conservation and basic feed quality
• highest compression
• very compact bales, as well as additional protection for transport and storage
• improved dimensional stability of bale and thus easier handling
• stretch film and bale film can be opened and disposed of together
• no freezing up as is the case with nets
• no net residues in the feed
• removal of small quantities possible
• New/other feeds can be ensiled, areas of application: LKS (timothy grass cob) , CCM (corn-cob-mix), maize, sugar beet chips, grass sileage, pomace, …

Scope of delivery

1280 mm x 0.015 x 2000 mtransparent, green tingeIn-store: Göweil & Orkel
1280 mm x 0.020 x 1500 m
transparent, dyed greenIn-store: Göweil & Orkel, Krone Comprima, Agronic
1350 mm x 0.020 x 1500 mtransparent, dyed greenIn-store: Göweil & Orkel, Claas Umbau, Göweil, CNH, Agronic
1390 mm x 0.017 x 2000 mtransparent, dyed greenMcHale, Orkel, Agronic, CNH, Göweil
1400 mm x 0.020 x 1650 mtransparent, dyed greenMcHale, CNH, Orkel, Göweil, Agronic

Further product types on request. Find the matching bale film for your machine at


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