Bale or net replacement film

Polydress® Round Bale Film


High stability and yield
With Polydress® Round Bale Film you create dimensionally stable covered silage bales. Thanks to an increased film stability at the skin surface, bales benefit from an improved mechanical protection during storage and transport. At the same time, less material than with conventional films is required, i.e. more bales can be produced per film roll.

Versatile applications
Polydress® Round Bale Film produces convincing results with the storage of maize and grass silage as well as with the storage of mixed feed, sugar beet chips and brewer's spent grain. The film can also be effectively used for special applications (shredded plastic waste, shredded domestic waste).

Convincing performance
The round bale film is suitable for all stationary and mobile round bale combination presses with film feed – with Edge-to-Edge or Over-the-Edge performance for optimum edge coverage. We have deliberately dispensed with adhesive additives to ensure troublefree wrapping in all types of presses. Packaging residues on the feed bale are a thing of the past.

Convenient handling
To separate the net from frozen feed you do not have to get off your tractor. With the bale cutter or bale gripper, you can easily and conveniently open frozen bales from your tractor seat.

Delivery range

 Roll widthRoll length
Rolls /
Polydress® Round Bale Film1.28m
Polydress® Round Bale Film1.38m2,000m20Over-the-Edge*

* Only for McHale and Göweil round bale presses


If you attach importance to dimensionally stable bales and easy, clean unwrapping of the ensiled goods, Polydress® Round Bale Film is just the right thing for you. This round bale film ensures that bale wrapping will be a round affair for you.

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