Baletite is an innovative polyethylene film, which replaces the traditional round bale net for silage bales. Baletite was especially developed for the new generation of bale wrapping machines, which can apply films instead of nets in order to improve the silage process and provide additional protection for the bale contents.

Improved oxygen barrier – Baletite improves the silage process thanks to its stronger oxygen barrier, provided by the additional layers of film around the bale cover side. This reduces the formation of mould and leads to less feed loss.

Exceptional penetration resistance - As a pre-orientated film, manufactured on modern 5-layer blown film systems, Baletite provides exceptional penetration resistance even in case of solid, woody feeds.

Additional protection of the bale edges - Baletite provides additional protection in the area of the bale edges. This is advantageous for a well-formed bale and in case of stalked harvest crops.

More compact, dense bales - Thanks to the strong tensile force, Baletite creates stronger, more compact bales with a rounder form. Baletite provides high tension all round the bale in order to compress the contents and to displace the oxygen more quickly.

Smooth film surface – With Baletite, no feed can become entangled as with net wrapping material. The bales can be rapidly and easily unwrapped, even when frozen in winter.

Unique sleeve packaging – In addition to product information and instructions for use, the recyclable sleeve packaging for Baletite provides a safe rolling protection during the entire transport and handling.

Easier to recycle - Baletite is 100 % recyclable, and its manufacture from the same raw material as silage stretch foil means that it is not necessary to separate them for recycling purposes - they can be recycled together.

Technical specifications