Raiffeisen HiProPlus ® Thermal foil XXL - with T-pocket

Raiffeisen HiProPlus® Thermal foil XXL is particularly wide and can be used individually or as a double cover on foil which has already been laid down. Maximum thermal effect is achieved due to the high proportion of thermal additives and in particular due to the width. This foil type can be combined as a double cover with all foil types. If the soil is heated with Raiffeisen HiProPlus® Thermal foil XXL and a black/white foil is applied during the first harvest, the asparagus yield can be particularly well controlled during the entire season.

If the Raiffeisen HiProPlus® Thermal foil XXL is stretched over brackets which generates an air pocket between dam and thermal foil, the greenhouse effect is increased. This air pocket prevents the soil from cooling down during the night.


  • Pocket foil thermal transparent


  • Width: 2.0 m
  • Length: 500 m
  • Thickness: 50 my, also available in 70 and 100 my on request