Lime recommendation

Lime belongs into the fertiliser

As a main nutrient, lime is synonymous with nitrogen, phosphate, potash and magnesium. In the process, lime is indispensible for the maintenance of soil fertility.

This soil improvement is essentially based on four functions:

  • Lime counteracts soil acidity
  • Lime ensure the better utilisation of the nutrients nitrogen, phosphate and potash.
  • Lime establishes the soil structure (optimal water and gas exchange, denser root system)
  • Lime activates soil life

Lime fertiliser introduces success in future-oriented agriculture!

Causes for loss of lime

Depending on the type of soil, weather and usage intensity, 200 - 600 kg/ha CaO are taken from the soil every year. This extraction occurs due to:

  • fertilisers which acidify the soil
  • lime-sapping liquid manure
  • plant withdrawal
  • acidic rain
  • erosion

The availability of plant nutrients depends significantly on the pH value of the soil. The nutrient exploitation improves with the achievement of the optimum pH value.

Therefore, the delivery of lime to agriculturally utilised areas is still an essential measure for economically successful cultivation. Only soil supplied with an optimum of lime ensures good soil fertility and a high yield potential.