Benefit from the consultancy competence of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen Group - we would be pleased to conduct the "Best-Milk-Check" at your operation.

The Best Milk Effect, by thinking and acting within the system

Pasture surplus 20 dt/ha TM
Higher stocking rate
(7 kg TM-intake from grass silage)
0.7 GV/ha
Higher energy density 0.5 MJ NEL/kg TM
Higher basic feed intake 1.0 kg/per cow per day
due to higher yield and qualities by way of:
Plantinum, Siloferm, Elan, Crystalyx, optimised management
increased concentrated feed quantity (at the peak) 
in TMR 1.0 kg/per cow per day
More milk 1,500 kg/per cow per year

More profit 500 Euro/per cow per year

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