From the grass to the glass.

Best Milk - The brand concept for milk production

Best Milk. From the grass to the glass.

The agriculturist and particularly also the milk production constantly have to face new challenges. The high individual animal performance associated with good economy shall always remain at the core. However, also sustainability and minimal resource burden in the life cycle (LCA) are current and future focal points.

The high annual milk performance alone will not be the central parameter of the future. The focus shall shift toward life performance of the cow or greenhouse gas emission per product unit. Accordingly, the basic feed performance, the ration design or the health of the animals will continue to gain importance.

To the video: AGRAVIS concetp Best Milk To the video: AGRAVIS concetp Best Milk

In order to achieve these goals together with you and contribute to the sustainable development and intensification, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen Group provides you with ideas, sound expertise, operation-specific strategies and high quality operating resources under the "Best Milk" concept.

Feed cultivation, silage, feeding and hygiene contribute and interact in the milk production. Our "Best Milk" concept is designed accordingly and the products are coordinated.