Raiffeisen petrol stations highly popular

Across the country, more and more drivers are filling up at Raiffeisen Group petrol stations. According to the ‘Fanfocus’ study, 54 percent of customers are very satisfied with Raiffeisen petrol stations Raiffeisen petrol stations.

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What’s more, 15 percent of filling station customers are genuine fans. In other words, they represent a highly loyal customer group characterised by a very strong bond with the company. Moreover, they are prepared to make positive statements and recommendations to others. According to the survey, the figures place the Raiffeisen stations above all the big brand-name petrol stations. “The results of the study show that customer proximity is an established reality for Raiffeisen petrol stations, and this is appreciated by customers,” says Carsten Kippschnieder, head of petrol stations at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

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