Weather makes for a patchy grain harvest in a difficult 2017

This year’s grain harvest was repeatedly disrupted by heavy rainfall, localised flooding and frost during the spring. Yield and quality levels fluctuated significantly from region to region and farm to farm. Farmers’ Association president Joachim Rukwied said that “harvesting had been a stressful experience in many places, with the overall outcome disappointing.”

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The same went for the AGRAVIS region, as Alfred Reisewitz, expert in the field of agricultural products at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, recalls: “Although the harvest is still incomplete in some parts of the region, it is clear that 2017 has been a very difficult year for the grain harvest. Grain with a high moisture content has even been harvested to avoid losses of quantity and quality.”

The German Farmers’ Association (Deutscher Bauernverband, DBV) estimates the quantity of harvested grain at 44.5 million tons for the whole of Germany, two percent lower than the figure for 2016, which itself was a disappointing year. On the plus side, prices have developed somewhat more positively: bread wheat is currently fetching €153 per ton (against €143 last year). The Deutscher Raiffeisenverband is a little more optimistic than the DBV, estimating this year’s grain harvest at 44.9 million tons.

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