AGRAVIS acquires majority in the agricultural company Rörig-Hartig & Co.

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is the new principal shareholder in Rörig-Hartig & Co. Landwarenhandel GmbH Rörig-Hartig & Co. Landwarenhandel GmbH with headquarters in Wolfhagen, North Hesse. The acquisition of 56 percent of the company shares on 1 September 2017, is still subject to approval by the anti-trust authorities.

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“We are pleased by the successful completion of our discussions with the former owners, the Roth family, which were very open and constructive,” stated Andreas Rickmers, Manager of the Board of Directors at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. With its proximity to the operational area of the subsidiary AGRAVIS Kornhaus Ostwestfalen GmbH AGRAVIS Kornhaus Ostwestfalen GmbH, the acquisition of the majority of Rörig-Hartig is an important component in strengthening the regional presence of AGRAVIS and asserting itself as a powerful agricultural trading organisation in the markets of East Westphalia and North Hesse.

Customer proximity and customer benefits are a special concern

“AGRAVIS is an efficient partner which cares particularly about customer proximity and customer benefits. This is aligned with our standards,” said Hermann Hagen, CEO of Rörig-Hartig GmbH, who will continue to manage the company in the future. With about 40 employees and seven locations, the company achieves an annual turnover of about 30 million euros. The employees will keep their jobs. The employee shareholders, who own 21.5 percent of the company, are welcoming the pioneering step for Rörig-Hartig and agriculture in the region. The third shareholder, Raiffeisen Emsland-Süd eG, is also keeping its shares at the previous volume. “We look forward to cooperating with the other shareholders,” said Andreas Rickmers.

Economic potential in East Westphalia and North Hesse

The AGRAVIS Group also documents the regional presence and economic potential in East Westphalia and North Hesse with its Farm Machinery Farm Machinery companies. In addition to AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock GmbH and AGRAVIS Technik Lenne-Lippe GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Lenne-Lippe GmbH, this also applies to Claas Hessen GmbH Claas Hessen GmbH, acquired at the start of the year. “Our agricultural centres, such as Kornhaus Ostwestfalen and soon Rörig-Hartig, as well as the technology companies are the key factors with which AGRAVIS conducts direct business with agriculture,” Rickmers explains.

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