Fit for the harvest with Toptex protection fleeces

The harvest season is getting under way. Valuable grain grain, straw and hay needs to be stored quickly and securely. Toptex protection fleeces Toptex protection fleecesfrom AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG promise outstanding protection.

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Toptex fleeces are breathable and water repellent. In the same way as a thatched roof, the protection fleeces channel rainwater from the surface of stacks. The green fleece is highly tear-proof and offers outstanding protection against wind, rain and snow for many years, while good ventilation prevents mildew.

Easy-to-use protection fleeces

The fleeces are easy to install thanks to long fleece pins that fix the material securely to the straw or hay. A broad, red, easily identifiable cap distributes pressure across the fleece evenly. Alternatively, a Tissubel fastening strip Tissubel fastening stripcan be used to connect the fleece or hold sacks as ballast. Toptex plastics can even cover wide stacks thanks to a width of up to 12 metres. Another advantage is that stored grain is protected against contamination such as bird droppings.

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