AGRAVIS plant cultivation tips from practical experience

Get the perfect yield with the right decision: AGRAVIS Kornhaus Ostwestfalen GmbH AGRAVIS Kornhaus Ostwestfalen GmbH and the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture are inviting farmers from the region to a field day on Wednesday 21 June, from 10 am to 4 pm. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about different plant cultivation methods plant cultivation methods and modern agricultural machinery on the approximately 1.5-hectare trial plot in Borgentreich-Großeneder.

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Expert consultants will be on hand to talk to farmers and answer questions. Using systematic scientific trials with winter rapeseed, winter barley, winter wheat, maize and catch crop mixtures, practical regional fertilisation and crop protection strategies fertilisation and crop protection strategies will be examined and explained in detail during the tour. Effects of individual steps can be assessed, determined, and evaluated in a direct comparison. The field day gives customers the opportunity to gain an insight into the trials and to ask questions to the experts on site. Symptoms can be assessed directly on the plant and features of different varieties will be explained in detail – recommendations for action in stock management and the corresponding use of technology will also be included.

On tours of fields, questions and conclusions from the various trials will be explained and discussed. In direct comparison – plot to plot – farmers are able to directly examine individual treatment steps for the plants. Besides the plants, the selection of the right equipment also plays a major role. In addition, regional dealers will present selected agricultural machinery agricultural machinery in an exhibition.

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