Pink silo balls raise awareness of breast cancer

Farmers already have the first grassland cut of the year behind them – which is clear to see from the large silage balls. Wrapped in black, white or pale green – these have been dominating the grassland in Ostwestfalen in recent days. Höxter-Warburg, the regional association for women in agriculture, and AGRAVIS Kornhaus Ostwestfalen GmbH AGRAVIS Kornhaus Ostwestfalen GmbH think that the foil foil should come in much more bold colours. Why not store the feed in punchy pink? "Pink silo balls are a real eyecatcher, are pleasing on the eye and at the same time support a good cause," underlined Gabriele Beckmann, Chair of the Association for Women in Agriculture (Landfrauenverband), on Monday at the AGRAVIS-Kornhaus in Brakel. Women in OWL, AGRAVIS and manufacturer Trioplast have now started an awareness campaign under the banner "Gemeinsam Farbe bekennen!" (Joint pledge for colour). The pink foil brings the focus to an important subject: early detection of breast cancer.

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Together against breast cancerPink silo balls raise awareness of breast cancer
Together against breast cancer

"The Tenoplus ‘Pink Edition’’ from manufacturer Trioplast is a high quality packaging product for silage feed," explained Andreas Ahlemeyer, Acting Managing Director for AGRAVIS Kornhaus Ostwestfalen GmbH. "At the same time, three euros from the cost of each roll of film sold goes to the charity ‘Pink Ribbon’ ‘Pink Ribbon’." The aim of this national campaign is to raise the awareness of breast cancer," explains Gabriele Beckmann. "The pink balls instantly catch your eye and are therefore a good opportunity to raise public awareness in our region of the early detection of breast cancer," underlines the association's chair. This illness currently affects one in eight women in Germany. Self-awareness and early detection tests are extremely important for the early treatment of further illnesses.

Three euros per roll – not much compared to the enormous attention that can be brought to the issue of breast cancer. "We support the campaign fully," says Andreas Ahlemeyer. AGRAVIS Kornhaus Ostwestfalen GmbH is including this foil in its range. "We believe that the farming interest in the pink foil is growing."

Aside from the social aspect, the quality of the foil speaks for itself: "Due to a new manufacturing process, the thickness of the Tenoplus stretch foil can be reduced from 25 to 21 my without any effect on tear resistance or oxygen impermeability. The slim foil can therefore be rolled in lengths of 1,900 m instead of 1,500 m. This makes it efficient and inexpensive," comments Jan Witthinrich, Head of the Foil/Net segment at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, the parent company of the Kornhaus in Brakel. This property of the foil on the one hand aids sustainability, and on the other, it is more efficient for the contractor.

As part of the pink foil campaign large banners will soon be displayed around the region. The pink silage film is available at all locations of AGRAVIS Kornhaus Ostwestfalen GmbH AGRAVIS Kornhaus Ostwestfalen GmbH.

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