Fan team "Schön hier!" wins half-time entertainment at SC Preußen Münster

At the AGRAVIS half-time entertainment there was once again high tension at the last home game of the season for football’s third league team SC Preußen Münster. Three fan teams had the chance to take overall victory and thus to win €500 for a fan party. Michél Hertz from "Schön hier!" took his chance.

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Michél Hertz from the fan team 
Michél Hertz from the fan team "Schön hier!" claimed victory for his team during the half-time break of the last home game giving them overall victory for the AGRAVIS half-time entertainment.

In the "Goal" game, the players had to kick the ball from 25 metres directly into the goal in front of the Ostkurve, without first touching the ground. Hertz scored twice and celebrated the day’s victory, which meant victory overall too. Two goals each were also scored by Robert Smidt for "FC Porto und Versand", netting them €200 for second place overall, Michael Völkert for "Busfamilie" (overall third, prize money €150) and Sebastian Bruns for "Wienburgs Adlerträger" (fourth with prize money of €100). Only Jörg Riehemann for "Die Goldenen Hähne" left goalless, although came fifth overall and received €50.

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, which organised the half-time entertainment for all Liga home games together with subsidiaries Vovis Automobile GmbH Vovis Automobile GmbH and Baustoffhandlung Theodor Elbers GmbH Baustoffhandlung Theodor Elbers GmbH, thanked all of the people who took part and the fans for their interest in the half-time entertainment at all Liga games.

Over the season the five fan teams, which applied to AGRAVIS prior to the playing time, were assessed in various sporting and entertaining competitions on the pitch. "We are delighted with the positive response we got to the half-time entertainment over the season," said Bernd Homann, Head of AGRAVIS Communication, after the last home game of the season.
During the summer break the fan teams will be organising their victory celebrations.

Full details, rankings and lots of photos from the half-time entertainment can be found here.

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