Livestock farmers event 2017 by AGRAVIS Fläming Mittelelbe eG

On Wednesday (April 26), the day for livestock farmers 2017 organised by AGRAVIS Fläming Mittelelbe e.G. AGRAVIS Fläming Mittelelbe e.G. was held at Heideland e.G. in Kemberg, Wittenberg county.

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Milking carousel of Heideland e.G. in KembergLivestock farmers event 2017 by AGRAVIS Fläming Mittelelbe eG
Milking carousel of Heideland e.G. in Kemberg

The company’s employees milk around 1000 cows with a milking carousel with 60 spaces. A biogas system utilizes such resources as dung, manure and silage residues from the dairy farm.

The managing director Richard Reiss from the agricultural cooperative in Kemberg guided the visitors across the premises. In addition to the new milk filling station, the newly built box stall caught the visitors' attention.

At the training centre of Heideland e.G., Harald Schaar from the feedstuff department at FGL Fürstenwalder Futtermittel-Getreide-Landhandel GmbH FGL Fürstenwalder Futtermittel-Getreide-Landhandel GmbH reported about current trends in the dairy market. Franz-Jakob Feilcke from Terravis Terravis spoke about "process optimization in the biogas plant". How can silage quality be evaluated and professionally safeguarded? Jos van ‘t Hoff from VitaVis GmbH VitaVis GmbH addressed this issue.

"From calf to a long-living dairy cow – from the initial care to hygiene": André Sternadel concluded with a report on this topic. He stated that the calf should already get optimal care in the mother’s womb. Feeding Crystalyx Trockensteher Lin Crystalyx Trockensteher Lin ensures a sufficient supply of minerals. Hygiene also plays a large role in the health of the calf, for example with products from the Desintec Desintec brand.

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