AGRAVIS: Numbers, dates and facts on the "Logistics Day"

The AGRAVIS distribution centre AGRAVIS distribution centre in the commercial district Münster-Loddenheide is a true logistics hub, which was highlighted once more on "Logistics Day", April 27. It currently employs 75 people and works efficiently and innovatively with the use of data glasses use of data glasses.

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The AGRAVIS distribution centre in MünsterAGRAVIS: Numbers, dates and facts on the 
The AGRAVIS distribution centre in Münster

Over 1,200,000 pick positions are commissioned with the help of forklifts per year. The storage area has a size of 23,000 square meters. It holds 26,000 pallet spaces and 10,000 lower shelf spaces to store products, such as those for deliveries to the Raiffeisen markets Raiffeisen markets and the Raiffeisen online shop Raiffeisen online shop

Order picking 4.0 with data glasses

From now on, order picking 4.0 utilizes the 43-gram SAP data glasses in some areas of the distribution centre. All information on the next order can be viewed on the integrated miniature screen. With the glasses on their noses, the logistics employees fetch the goods ordered from the shelf and, little by little, process the order.
Watch the video Order Picking 4.0 Watch the video Order Picking 4.0

Roland Pöppelbaum, head of the distribution centre, explains the advantages of this new work method with the data glasses. "Instead of being occupied with a terminal and scanner, the order picker's hands are free. As a result, efficiency can be increased by 10 %. Moreover, the process can be carried out flawlessly through monitoring it through the data glasses." The Raiffeisen online shop incorporated working with the data glasses as a pilot project in January. And in the distant future, the machinery could also be used for scanning incoming and outgoing goods as well as for compiling inventories. Markus Menne, head of Logistics, is proud to be carrying out pioneering work: "Until now, only a few companies have been using data glasses for logistics work. We’re playing a real trailblazing role here – because we are convinced that this is the future."

Considerable transport volume at AGRAVIS

As an agricultural trading and services company, AGRAVIS is responsible for a considerable transport volume. The AGRAVIS field of logistics bundles a portion of these transport services, thus ensuring market-oriented, cost and resource-efficient logistics. The logistics activities are oriented to the requirements of the business areas. External service providers such as freight forwarders are mostly commissioned for the actual transport. With regard to bulk cargo logistics, products such as grain, raw feed materials and fertiliser are distributed and shipped as loose goods aboard different trucks. Feed logistics includes the distribution of ready-made compound feed by silo trucks. At AGRAVIS, general cargo logistics means all goods that can be shipped on pallets.

Logistics on waterways

The AGRAVIS Group receives more than 100,000 tonnes of feed, grain, and fertiliser by ocean vessel (from overseas) and inland ship (from the transshipment sites along the Central European waterways – in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hamburg, and Brake, for example). Particularly the AGRAVIS feed plants located along a waterway are supplied by ship.

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