Pig SLK – pig feed combines sustainability with performance

Agriculture has always been very mindful of recyclability and sustainable sustainable material cycles. This age-old, traditional knowledge is more relevant than ever today. According to a study by the University of Stuttgart, around 11 million tons of food ends up in waste bins every year in Germany. All this food that is thrown away is linked to high consumption of resources for farming, storage and logistics. There is a demand for smart solutions such as, for example, intelligent recycling of by-products from food production.
Pig SLK feed is one such solution.

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Delivery at the production site in LüdinghausenPig SLK – pig feed combines sustainability with performance
Delivery at the production site in Lüdinghausen

It is made from 100% by-products. This tasty liquid feed contains steamed potato peelings from potato processing, spent grain, a by-product of bioethanol production, whey supplied by dairies, and confectionery leftovers from biscuit and chocolate production. Any by-product of food production tastes good to pigs pigs. Pig SLK boasts many benefits as a feed: it is very digestible, healthy for the pigs' stomachs and intestines and easy to handle. Farmers benefit from the advantages of fermented feed without having to invest in their own fermentation plant.

High feed intake with optimum nutrient availability

Raiffeisen Flüssigfutter GmbH Raiffeisen Flüssigfutter GmbH, a joint venture of the Lüdinghausen and Ascheberg Raiffeisen cooperatives and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, produces the liquid mixture in the Lüdinghausen factory. Due to the naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria in the components, a fermentation process takes place which is under constant quality control. As a result, the feed components are microbially digested, the pH value drops to under pH 4 and unwanted bacteria are eliminated. The natural acidification also makes the feed particularly tasty. High feed intake and optimum nutrient availability are guaranteed. The finished mixture features some particularly practical advantages: In an acid-resistant, hygienically clean tank, it can be kept and remains homogeneous for 14 days. There is no sedimentation of the food in the liquid feed pipes or the trough. All the animals receive the same feed at the trough. Pig SLK can be used to feed sows, piglets and fattening pigs. For more raw fibre in the feed, there is the option of Pig SLK Faser containing maize silage.

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