AGRAVIS gets involved in the Volksbank Münster Marathon

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is introducing a new run to the Volksbank Münster Marathon 2017. The special feature of the AGRAVIS Health Run, which will be held as part of the marathon on 10 September, is that it is expressly not aimed at trained endurance athletes, but instead aims to offer all exercise enthusiasts a group running experience.

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"On marathon day in Münster, the whole city, indeed the whole region takes to the streets – either as a runner or as a spectator. It's no wonder the Volksbank Münster Marathon was voted Marathon of the Year in North Rhine-Westphalia for the fifth time in a row," says Andreas Rickmers, Chairman of the Managing Board of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, highlighting the attractiveness of this sporting event. "The varied array of activities and the enthusiastic spectators make the Volksbank Münster Marathon an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The excitement is palpable."

AGRAVIS would like to offer this kind of excitement to runners who are not competitive athletes and give them the chance to experience running in a group. "The participants in the AGRAVIS Health Run can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Volksbank Münster Marathon at first hand – with the finishing line at the Prinzipalmarkt as the emotional high point," says Rickmers. "The clear focus of the AGRAVIS Health Run is on exercising together as a group."

Group finish at the Prinzipalmarkt

In the AGRAVIS Health Run, up to 350 participants start from Gievenbeck and head for the Prinzipalmarkt. They all complete the 6.2 kilometre course together as a group, accompanied by experienced running coaches. "We deliberately do not record people's times in order to rule out competitiveness," explains Bernd Homann, Head of Communications at AGRAVIS. The participants complete the course at a comfortable pace, with a guideline time of 7 minutes per 1,000 metres. The highlight is the group arrival at the finishing line at the Prinzipalmarkt.

AGRAVIS Charity Run for children's hospice

The AGRAVIS Charity Run, in which 100 participants complete the 10-kilometre course from Roxel to the Prinzipalmarkt together, is for a good cause. The full entry fee of €15 goes to the Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V. In this run too, coaches accompany the group, with a guideline time of 6 minutes per 1,000 metres.

"The great atmosphere of the Volksbank Münster Marathon motivates thousands of participants and spectators every year. We are delighted to be part of this big running celebration with our own runs," concludes Rickmers.

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