AGRAVIS: The bull in the dark

Lights out! That’s what will be happening this coming Saturday (25 March) for AGRAVIS feedstuff plant in Münster at Industrieweg. For one hour, from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm, the distinctive Pellegrino bull on the silo towers will not be illuminated. This will also be the case for the large tower on the plant bearing the AGRAVIS logo and the green light installation in the loading hall stairwell. The production of feedstuff feedstuff will continue during this period. With this voluntary lights-out event, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG gets involved in the global WWF project “Earth Hour” WWF project “Earth Hour” for the first time and, together with the City of Münster, prepares the way for municipal and global climate protection and sustainability.

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For several years already, AGRAVIS has been dealing intensively with the topic of sustainability sustainability. It published its third sustainability report in 2016 and introduced a group-wide energy management system energy management system. As an active member of Münster’s Allianz für Klimaschutz (Climate Protection Alliance), AGRAVIS supports the campaign and the common message: climate protection only happens together!

So when on Saturday the lights go out, famous landmarks throughout Münster such as the cathedral and castle will stand in darkness, as in previous years, too. Millions of people will also be taking part in the campaign.

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