Information event held by AGRAVIS Technik BvL, Claas and BvL Maschinenfabrik

AGRAVIS Technik BvL GmbH, together with the two agricultural machinery manufacturers CLAAS and BvL, extended an invitation to an information evening on feeding machines and feeding technology at the agricultural technology site in Bersenbrück. Around 70 invited guests came to find out about new developments and trends in harvesting green fodder and in feeding.

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"Of course, technical refinements such as the MaxCut cutter bar from CLAAS help to optimise the quality of the feed. We are constantly improving our products," said Thilo Bruns, product manager for fodder harvest technology at CLAAS. "There are, however, factors that each dairy farmer and contractor can influence. This includes the correct machine setting or the time sequence of the individual work steps adapted to the weather conditions." These small changes could save a lot of costs. This was illustrated in the short lecture by Bruns.

Tips and tricks for feeding

Gerd Mönch-Tegeder from BvL Maschinenfabrik supplemented the explanations given by the product manager from Harsewinkel with his tips and tricks in the area of feeding. "There are often big discrepancies between the calculated ration, the mixed ration and the amount of feed consumed by the animals," explained Mönch-Tegeder. By complying with some small rules these differences can be mildly reduced. "Vertical feed mixers can dissolve the feed relatively quickly and mix the individual feed components into a homogeneous ration. It is often sufficient to turn on the mixing screw only when filling the last two components and to switch it off again shortly after the charging process. Any mixing time beyond this mashes the feed and also puts undue stress on the components of the feed mixing vehicle. This clearly costs money," advised the speaker.

Following the lectures, the participants were able to casually find out extensive information about the machines and chat with professional colleagues and AGRAVIS Technik BvL employees.

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