Major interest in an information evening for green harvest machines and feeding technology

Together with CLAAS and BvL Maschinenfabrik in Gronau, AGRAVIS Technik BvL organised an information evening for dairy farmers and contractors under the motto “More milk from your feed”. The main focus was the optimisation of fodder quality. There was a lot of interest in this topic: In total, 150 clients came to Epe to inform themselves about fodder supply tips and tricks.

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Thilo Bruns from CLAAS showed what minor adjustments clients can make themselves to improve the quality of their grass silage. Correct machine settings, for example setting the right cutting height of the mower, play an important role here. However, technical details which the engineers from Harsewinkel have developed are also a possible way to improve fodder quality. For example, the MAX SPREAD system ensures uniform feed distribution during turning which leads to optimum wilting of the feed. Bruns introduced these and other advantages of the CLAAS green harvesting machines with clear examples.

In addition to the harvest, feeding animals involves small details which can have a big effect on milk yield and animal health. Gerd Mönch-Tegeder from BvL Maschinenfabrik located in Emsbüren demonstrated this. For example, it is very easy for clients to keep to the right mixing time in order to avoid “mashing” the feed. Looking into the empty feed mixer wagon gives the farmer information on the condition of the mixing screw and the blade. It gets expensive if these are worn: the mixing time increases and, as a result, so does the fuel consumption. In addition, the feed quality suffers and thus the milk yield of the cows. “50 euros for a set of new blades is surely well-invested money”, recommended Mönch-Tegeder.

All participants were then able to chat and end the evening in a cosy atmosphere.

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