Joint conference 2017: ‘Marketplace of Opportunities’

Innovative aspects for retail success are the focus of this year’s joint conference for Raiffeisen Markets Raiffeisen Markets. Under the heading ‘Marketplace of Opportunities’, the AGRAVIS subsidiary TERRES M+C GmbH TERRES M+C GmbH has invited its franchise partners to Willingen, Sauerland, on 31 January and 1 February.

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Retail experts and top-class representatives such as Dr Kay von Fournier and Professor Utho Creusen will give on how the perfect all-round package for the Raiffeisen Markets could look like. The subject of processes will also come under consideration, such as the practical linking of stationary trade with the online service online service and specially co-ordinated promotional measures. The subject thereby connects with the messages of previous joint conferences: the main priority is the goal of offering cooperation partners added value using different instruments, in order to attract and keep customers. Further subjects such as sustainability and customer portals will be covered in detail in nine topical forums. Manager Thomas Stein, who witnessed the upheaval of the music industry, and racing driver Ellen Lohr will explain why success is not an accident. In addition, successful Raiffeisen Markets and long-term cooperation partners will be given the appreciation they deserve.

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