AGRAVIS expands cooperative collaboration

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG aims to expand its collaboration with its cooperative partners. Cooperative partners hold approximately 60% of AGRAVIS’s share capital and account for roughly a quarter of AGRAVIS’s turnover of more than 6 billion euros. AGRAVIS works with around 110 cooperatives in total. Raiffeisen cooperatives, like the agricultural sector, are faced with the challenges of ongoing structural change.

“Raiffeisen cooperatives are not just AGRAVIS shareholders, they are also customers in our cooperative association. This cooperative collaboration is a unique selling point in our market environment. This is why our strategic goal is to strengthen this cooperative collaboration” says Andreas Rickmers, Chairman of the Managing Board of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

Moving forward, AGRAVIS will be relying on the know-how and expertise of Hans-Georg Bruns, who will be in post as Deputy Board Member of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG until the end of September 2017, before he sets up his own business consultancy firm. Bruns has several decades of experience in cooperative collaboration, is a recognised business partner for company organisation and development and is also a compliance and audit expert. “Now is the right time to embark on new ventures and explore fresh possibilities by starting my own consultancy firm. I believe it is a win-win situation for everyone” affirms Hans-Georg Bruns. “The close links with AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG Board Members that have already been forged offer the prospect of promising development opportunities and the opportunity to establish and develop innovative approaches to collaboration with cooperatives.”

Bruns intends to further stabilise and develop strategic and operational collaboration in the cooperative association for the AGRAVIS Group in his new capacity as an independent consultant. “By working together, we have developed objectives in this area. I am convinced that, with Mr Bruns at our side as a consultant, we will achieve these goals,” says Rickmers. “At the same time, we will use Mr Bruns’ move as an opportunity for the AGRAVIS Managing Board to focus on new issues and look for a new operationally active Board Member.” This search is already in progress. “I am sure that we will achieve a well-prepared, sensible, successful transition by late September 2017.”

57-year old Bruns initially worked for AGRAVIS as an authorised representative, then as a Deputy Board Member. His previous positions included working as a tax adviser and auditor with Genossenschaftsverband Weser-Ems e.V.

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