Pharmaceutical technician Sarah Kasnitz is the best in the country

Who is the best pharmaceutical technician of them all? It's Sarah Kasnitz! She was named "Best in the Country" this year. Sarah, who completed her apprenticeship at aniMedica Herstellungs GmbH aniMedica Herstellungs GmbH in Senden, was able to accept the honorary award of "Best Pharmaceutical Technician in the Country" at a ceremony in Berlin. Prior to this, she has already been named "Best in the State" in Düsseldorf and "Best in the County" in Coesfeld.

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Training manager Maria Kreikenberg (left) and Sarah KasnitzPharmaceutical technician Sarah Kasnitz is the best in the country
Training manager Maria Kreikenberg (left) and Sarah Kasnitz

"An extraordinary success for our apprentice and naturally also a testament to the quality of the apprenticeship at aniMedica, which in the past has already brought forth two top-of-the-year apprentices in North-Rhine Westphalia," exclaimed Armin Thur, Managing Director of the AGRAVIS subsidiary Livisto Group GmbH Livisto Group GmbH, to which aniMedica GmbH belongs. Sarah Kasnitz's good performance moreover ensured a reduction in the length of her apprenticeship to two and a half years.

Full of praise

Sarah Kasnitz's training manager, master pharmaceutical technician Maria Kreikenberg, is also full of praise: "Sarah Kasnitz was enthused right from the beginning, demonstrated great initiative and delivered quality work. Her commitment has been rewarded with great results." In her pharmaceutical technician apprenticeship, the 22-year-old underwent training in various areas related to the manufacture and packaging of medicinal products at aniMedica Herstellungs GmbH. "Due to a major fire at aniMedica, Sarah Kasnitz completed a part of her apprenticeship at Aenova GmbH in Münster. We would like to thank Ms. Kasnitz and Aenova for their flexibility," said Armin Thur.

Where there's a will, there's a way

Sarah Kasnitz was herself slightly surprised by her very good result of 98 out of 100 points, although she had prepared well for the examinations with the help of her instructor. "Where there's a will, there's a way," of this she is sure. In the meantime she has begun a pharmacy course of study in Münster.

Diverse training opportunities

The Livisto corporations in Germany offer diverse training opportunities: alongside pharmaceutical technicians, the corporation also trains laboratory chemists and industrial clerks, and offers a combined course of study. Furthermore, the corporate group provides internships. In addition, aniMedica is a recognised education and advanced training facility for pharmacists who would like to receive the further training required to become specialist pharmacists for pharmaceutical analytics. "On the one hand, we train apprentices to cover our own needs as it is difficult to find well-educated employees," describes Armin Thur. On the other hand, aniMedica is also complying with the social obligation to provide young people with an apprenticeship.

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