K+K Cup: AGRAVIS draws 20 VIP places for team freestyle evening

The region's equestrian clubs and their fans have been eagerly awaiting it for several weeks: the team dressage event at the K+K Cup K+K Cup takes place on the second day, an absolute highlight of the riding tournament at the Halle Münsterland convention centre. The participating teams will have their big performance on Thursday, 12 January 2017 when they will ride into the convention centre in front of sell-out crowds. Prior to this there will be a special AGRAVIS photo campaign.

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With its Market Market division, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG will place particular emphasis on this tournament day. For good reason, because on the "Day of the Raiffeisen Market", rural riding will be the focus. "The great voluntary training work of the participants from clubs within the region and the performance of the young dressage riders particularly deserve our appreciation," said Dirk Bensmann, member of the Board of Directors of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. Youth development and top-class sport play a crucial role at the K+K Cup – they allegedly make up the special DNA of this traditional tournament.

Special treat

Year upon year the tickets for the evening of the team dressage event quickly sell out. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG are offering riding sport fans who would like to attend this event a special treat. They are organising a photo campaign for the K+K Cup and are raffling off 5 x 4 tickets to the AGRAVIS box. With a bit of luck, as well as a shot of creativity and humour, riding sport fans could sit alongside friends and acquaintances in VIP seats in the first row. Participation is easy: simply take a creative photo with the theme "my horse and I in matching clothes" and send it to social-media@agravis.de. All entries must be received by 2 January 2017. Our Facebook followers will then have two days to interactively vote for the best picture. The five photos with the most "likes" will win the competition. All entered pictures will subsequently be assembled to create a photo gallery which will be displayed, for example, on the multimedia cube in the Halle Münsterland convention centre on the "Day of the Raiffeisen Market". Important: the photo must be in landscape format and must have a minimum resolution of 72 dpi (size 3 MB).

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