Newtec offers driver safety training

The service concept is becoming ever more important in the agricultural machinery sector. The aspect of customer retention is no longer limited to the areas of consultation, sales and repair: "Service is our field" – with this slogan AGRAVIS Technik AGRAVIS Technik always assists their customers. Just like Newtec Vertriebsgesellschaft für Agrartechnik mbH Newtec Vertriebsgesellschaft für Agrartechnik mbH, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG: over the course of two weeks, they invited farmers to participate in a one-day tractor driver safety training course in Linthe/Brandenburg. The event was sold out every day.

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The employees of the Newtec branch in Treuenbrietzen brought five rural trailer combinations and towing vehicles from New Holland to the ADAC driver safety centre in Berlin/Brandenburg. "It was the first time that Newtec offered driver safety training especially for our customer base, the farmers. We had a total of 80 registrations," Sebastian Bösch from Newtec reported happily.

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The participants came predominantly from Brandenburg, but also from Mecklenburg-Vorpommen and Saxony-Anhalt. Specialist training with agricultural machinery is still a relatively new field for the ADAC Berlin/Brandenburg. But something that is becoming ever more important. Machines are becoming ever bigger and time pressure is increasing. This is not only dangerous whilst working on the field, but above all on the road. It is particularly during the harvest season that both tractors and cars have to share the road. The frequently heavy laden machines are often underestimated by other road users. And often underestimated even by tractor drivers themselves: how strong their vehicle is and how differently it drives, steers and brakes compared to their private car.

Great centrifugal force

After a theory session, the student drivers were allowed to sit in the vehicle. Steering and braking – it seems so simple, but in a high HP tractor it is occasionally hard work. ADAC driving instructor Uwe Strobel allowed them to practice precise steering time and time again using slaloms: "Everything is built on that." It was only once his pupils had mastered this skill that they continued with further things such as driving in a circle or round corners: "The centrifugal force, which has an effect on such a trailer combination, is often underestimated," Strobel said knowingly.

Even experienced tractor drivers have epiphanies

Another focus: braking. The centrifugal force also plays an important role here. At 20, 30 and 40 kilometres per hour, Strobel sent the student drivers onto a wet stretch of road to practise emergency braking. All reflectively acknowledged that at double the speed, the braking distance was four times as long. Even experienced tractor drivers were guaranteed to have epiphanies.

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