Service advice: winter break for harvesters

Things are slowing down on the fields and farms. Many agricultural machines go into hibernation. But you cannot simply shut them down, close the gate and open it again come spring. Before the machines can rest, the farmer has to invest some time into maintenance. This year, for the first time, AGRAVIS Technik BvL GmbH's AGRAVIS Technik BvL GmbH's customers can benefit from a complete, carefree service package.

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Service manager Stefan Uhlen explains: "Farmers and contractors bring their harvesting machinery to us as part of this special campaign, we disassemble and clean it, complete an inventory and talk the customer through what needs to be done. Come the spring, they can step onto their machine and drive straight to the field without any delay."

Our machinery colleagues have provided the following advice on how to make your machinery winter-proof:

  • Cleaning: before any long break, the machinery must be thoroughly cleaned. This should be carried out with air pressure on combine harvesters to avoid damaging the electronics and sensitive components. Machinery that comes into contact with sand and earth needs to be washed. They then need to be run one more time for a short period afterwards.
  • Lubrication: bearings, chains and similar should be carefully greased and lubricated by the farmer after cleaning.
  • Checks: frost protection must be checked and the battery must be disconnected.
  • Pressure: tyre pressure must be increased during longer downtimes. The correct values can be found in the operating instructions of most machines. It is also important to shut the machine down in the operating position and not in the transport position. Otherwise the tension springs and oil circuits are still under pressure. This is easy to remember: when shutting down the machine, everything has to depressurised.
  • Field sprayers: even field sprayers must be frost-proofed, otherwise considerable damage may occur. You should use this opportunity to take a look at the TÜV plaque. Field sprayers must be inspected every three years. If the field sprayer is due for inspection, the farmer should book an appointment for the spring in good time.
  • Repairs: should the farmer identify any damage whilst cleaning, the winter is a good time to have the machine repaired since workshops are less busy and unnecessary downtime, and thereby losses, during the season can be avoided.

The AGRAVIS Technik BvL GmbH complete, carefree service package has been so well received that Stefan Uhlen is already promising: "We will do it again next year."

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