AGRAVIS builds on sustainability

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, main sponsor of the AGRAVIS Cup in Oldenburg AGRAVIS Cup in Oldenburg, for the third time, does not just look for economic success with its business activities, but is aiming for a balance between finance and ecology instead. "As an agricultural trade company with regional roots we have social responsibility that we aim to live up to," emphasised Member of the Board of Directors Dirk Bensmann on Tuesday (22 November) in Oldenburg.

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AGRAVIS does not just look at turnover and yield, at shareholder value and profitability. "Yes, as a commercial enterprise we want and indeed have to be successful," said Bensmann. "However, we are also expected to bring the economic aspects of our actions in harmony with ecological requirements and social concerns. For this reason, the notion of sustainability sustainability plays a major role."

Three sustainability reports already

Sustainability is not just a marketing phrase for AGRAVIS, but a "self-imposed mission that we undertake". The company started very early on in documenting its own activities and progress in this field within sustainability reports. The third one appeared this year. "We have set out further objectives in the AGRAVIS 2020 sustainability programme that we will approach transparently and rigorously."

Criteria for sponsoring activities

Sustainability is also a criteria for AGRAVIS's sponsorship activities. "In this case, we certainly do not work in accordance with the scatter gun principle. We take a very close look where commitment is worth the effort, where there is potential for development, and of course also where sponsoring is beneficial for the AGRAVIS brand. This is generally so in equestrian sports, and particularly the case with the AGRAVIS Cup."

AGRAVIS Future Prize fits the context

Bensmann's words regarding the AGRAVIS Future Prize AGRAVIS Future Prize also fit into the context of sustainability. "With this special classification for riders under 25 years of age, we at the AGRAVIS Group are putting particular emphasis on promoting youth." For the first time ever the placings achieved in the show-jumping events from three tournaments, namely Münster, Nörten-Hardenberg, and Oldenburg will be included in the competition. Prize money totalling 10,000 euro is also new, of which half goes to the rider with the most points. The overall category winner is determined on Sunday in Oldenburg. Jana Wargers currently leads ahead of Gerrit Nieberg and the previous year's winner, Maurice Tebbel. "We believe that the consistently good performances in the most demanding competitions are worth being specially rewarded," said Bensmann regarding the prize money for the AGRAVIS Future Prize. The rides in second and third receive 3,000 and 2,000 euro respectively.

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