Riding: Jackpot for AGRAVIS Cup 2016 title sponsor

The AGRAVIS Group have taken on the title sponsoring at the Oldenburg indoor horse-show for the third time. The AGRAVIS Cup AGRAVIS Cup is taking place in the EWE Arena between 24 and 27 November 2016. "We certainly do not need three attempts to determine that we have got ourselves a jackpot with the choice of name for this tournament," said Dirk Bensmann, Member of the Board of Directors for AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG on Tuesday (18 October) in front of the press.

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During both of the past two years it was possible to watch some great sport in the EWE Arena. "And with regard to the programme and appeal, the AGRAVIS Cup just gets better ever year," Bensmann commended those responsible for the tournament.

Good reasons for AGRAVIS involvement

He named three reasons for why the agricultural trade and service companies were involved in the tournament in Oldenburg. Alongside youth development, which finds particular expression in the AGRAVIS Future Prize and the Derby Dressage Cup, AGRAVIS also regards the title sponsoring as a commitment to the agriculturally characterised region of Oldenburg. Moreover, the riding sport represents values such as commitment, capacity for teamwork and respect, which are also essential components of the AGRAVIS Corporate Culture.

That fits: Raiffeisen cooperatives, AGRAVIS and riding sport

With high intersections between the regional Raiffeisen cooperatives, AGRAVIS and the riding sport, Hermann Mammen, Managing Director of Raiffeisen Warengenossenschaft Ammerland-OstFriesland eG referenced: the feedstuff production feedstuff production in the Oldenburg factory, the great affinity of the cooperative customers to the riding sport, the broad offer of the Raiffeisen Markets Raiffeisen Markets to riding sport items and the great interest in the AGRAVIS Cup by customers and employees.

Regional Raiffeisen Cooperatives day

The tournament Saturday has for the first time been put into the programme as "the regional Raiffeisen Cooperatives day". "We are pleased that the AGRAVIS Cup exists. Otherwise we’d have to create it," said Mammen. The Raiffeisen Cooperatives in the Oldenburg region and in East Friesland are once again offering tickets at a special price when bought in advance. They were also co-hosts of a poster competition (see below) in the run-up. More than 300 emotional horse motifs were entered, six were selected to be the motif for the AGRAVIS Cup poster. Alongside AGRAVIS, the cooperatives are taking on various tests and providing special prizes at the tournament.
Mammen: "AGARAVIS Cup for first, for second, for third – this tournament has our award."

More on the AGRAVIS Cup in our special area. More on the AGRAVIS Cup in our special area.

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