Raiffeisen bio-fuels: even the smallest island is supplied

In the most remote areas within his field of work, Kai Reinhardt controlled his silo tanker this summer. The driver from Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH(RBB) had to even cover a section across water. His target was the Hallig Hooge in the Schleswig-Holstein mudflats. It is the second largest of its kind, nevertheless only 107 inhabitants live there divided between ten dwelling mounds.

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However, about 90,000 day tourists take the flat island by storm every year, crossing over with the ferry from Schüttsiel. It was in this way that the pellet truck of RBB also dared to cross with gorgeous summer weather. Space on the boat was strictly calculated. "It was a premier for me," Kai Reinhardt said about this particular deposit. During the one-hour crossing, Reinhardt was able to enjoy a bit of North Sea air before he took his place in the cab again and rolled from the boat in his truck.

The target was three customers whose houses were to be heated with wood pellets. The community itself is a pioneer of this. Other than this the Boyens holiday resort at Volkertswarf and the harbourmaster Thorsten Junker switched to the environmentally-friendly provision a few years ago and since then receive a winter stockpile once a year. The systems were installed by the company S.A.T. in Struckum, who also carries out the maintenance. As the Boyens holiday resort did not just received sacked but also loose goods, it was worthwhile for the Hallig to order a collective order per silo truck. As an emergency reserve, all three system operators have however stored further sacked goods, in case the winter is particularly long.

Harbourmaster Junker immediately met the truck at the harbour and accompanied driver Kai Reinhardt. "The access routes to the dwelling mounds are really steep due to flood protection," Reinhardt said about the driving challenge, which he naturally confidently mastered. Even filling the pellet bunker was flawless. Thorsten Junker: "The renewable resource, wood, is very fitting for a natural gem like Hallig Hooge." The supply reliability with goods from the region is provided by Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstoffe GmbH. "It is for that reason that I switched to wood pellets with great conviction." It was an exciting day at work for Kai Reinhardt and also a day which his wife, Christine, was able to enjoy as a passenger seeing that wood pellets are an attractive renewable energy source on small marsh islands.

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