AGRAVIS dialogue event: "Trade with responsibility" in Berlin

The digitalisation promotes economy and business. However, is it a blessing or a curse? And how can companies prepare for the digital future? And which business changes could digitalisation bring? These were just some of the questions from the dialogue event "Trade with responsibility" in the Raiffeisen establishment in Berlin. At the centre of the now third AGRAVIS discourse was the exchange regarding digitalisation. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG's branch and distribution partners were invited alongside politics and federation representatives, as well as the media.

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"Our business faces great challenges in the digital age," Franz-Josef Holzenkamp (MdB), Chairman of the Board at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG captured in his opening speech. The multi-dimensional opportunities of the network and the information transportation are difficult to grasp and have their own dynamics. "Our aim is to consider solutions and collective targets in process constructively," said Holzenkamp.

Positive digitalisation examples at AGRAVIS

"With all its advantages, digitalisation also provides AGRAVIS with challenges: the flood of data is increasing and must be tackled. Companies must also keep an eye on cybercrime," said AGRAVIS head Dr Clemens Große Frie in his introduction. AGRAVIS itself is en route on digital paths in many fields. Examples are the plant cultivation app IQ Plant plant cultivation app IQ Plant or the concept AGRAVIS NetFarming AGRAVIS NetFarming with the service tools for targeted sub-area specific sowing and plant care.

Domscheit-Berg with impressive keynote

In his keynote, Daniel Domscheit-Berg impressively showed the dimension for digitalisation, that brings the human imagination to its limits. "Large parts of the company must be re-invented," said the internet-activist and IT security expert. The training system and also every individual are not yet ready for the future and, for example, for a complete new mobility.

Lots of new opportunities

The AGRAVIS Member of the Board of Directors Dirk Bensmann discussed, amongst other things, with Daniel Domscheit-Berg and the audience about the opportunities and risks of digitalisation. In doing so it became clear that through digitalisation many doors would open for the company. "It is a broad field. And therefore it is even more compelling to strategically approach the subject. There needs to be a comprehensive change in management and the greatest possible persuasive efforts amongst employees and customers," Bensmann determined. AGRAVIS drew up feasible, pragmatic and affordable digital solutions with maximum data security. Nevertheless there were also critical voices that called for the legal provisions and transparency for the handling of data.

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