Apprentice projects and excursions in Münster: inform and network

Getting to know the AGRAVIS world and forming contacts with other apprentices apprentices was at the forefront of many of the apprentice excursions in Münster. Apprentice for apprentice was the motto of one of the "apprentice projects", which seven of the apprentices in their second year of the central and feedstuff businesses organised for new apprentices of AGRAVIS feedstuff businesses AGRAVIS feedstuff businesses. Parallel there were similar projects in AGRAVIS agricultural trade and in building material trade companies building material trade companies.

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In Münster St. Mauritz, Stephan Niehoff from the plant cultivation sales consultancy informed the second and third year apprentices about working at the testing site.Apprentice projects and excursions in Münster: inform and network
In Münster St. Mauritz, Stephan Niehoff from the plant cultivation sales consultancy informed the second and third year apprentices about working at the testing site.

For two days the young apprentices learnt about the different stations of the AGRAVIS world and received at the same time a good overview to begin their apprenticeship. Alongside guided tours around the testing site in St. Mauritz testing site in St. Mauritz and through the compound feed plant in Münster, as well as a crisp raw product quiz designed by the apprentices, the project group was allowed to look into the newly opened new-build for Animedica in Senden. From the prospective miller to the industrial clerk or laboratory chemist, is was a diverse group. "We are in the part of AGRAVIS, that works most internationally," explained Dr Hans-Jörg Lange, Production Manager for Animedica.

After the storage rooms, the young next generation were even allowed to go into the production rooms of the purity class D, however whilst wearing white overalls and overshoes. Dr Hans-Jörg Lange demonstrated how the medication products are filled into sterile bottles and then closed. The machine fills 3,000 bottles with 100 millilitres of content in one hour. The medication manufacturer exports the goods to 120 different countries.

"For me it is really interesting here today," said Enes Batuhan Tekeloglu, Apprentice Miller and Process Technologist at AGARVIS. He is familiar with machines and the production procedures. "It is interesting to see how the employees regulate the air pressure in the rooms and how you keep the products sterile."

An excursion of 17 apprentices in their second and third years from the agricultural trade companies had similar stations but with a different background. They were also meant to receive deeper insight into the AGRAVIS world, but it was just as important to organisers Janna Riering and Stefan Pielsticker for the young people to network amongst themselves. "Due to the vast number of locations, not many of them often have the opportunity to meet up and exchange. We wanted to provide them with this opportunity with the two-day excursion," explained Janna Riering. Knut Fischer from the personnel department emphasised: "Such a project excellently includes the ideas and concepts of the internal networking initiative of our group-wide project 8/80." The agricultural trade companies from which the apprentices came to Münster stretched from Sauerland over East Frisia to the border of Saxony-Anhalt. Even they looked at the testing site and the distribution centre, presented their own companies in groups or their apprenticeship path and talked with Board Member Johannes Schulte-Althoff and Philipp Spinne, Branch Manager of the Agricultural Centres, over a communal breakfast.

Two of the apprentices who had previously worked on the apprentice project for the newbies, also attended this further excursion, however, this time not as organisers but as participants.

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