Vet Dr. Svenja Sudeick is an advocate of prevention

"I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything will be OK again this time. Please make sure the dosage is correct, then nothing can go wrong," advises Dr. Svenja Sudeick, speaking to her customer on the telephone headset. She has been working for AGRAVIS in the Special Animal Feed Products Special Animal Feed Products department since the start of the year and deals with questions relating to animal health. Born in Dülmen, she studied veterinary medicine at the Freie Universität Berlin from 2004 to 2010.

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"With its Miravit Miravit, Desintec Desintec and Crystalyx Crystalyx range, AGRAVIS offers a good product portfolio which can support animals' health where needed. For me as a vet, prevention is a very important aspect which all parties involved should pay more attention to. Agricultural operations need to take a progressive approach," says Sudeick.

A solution for almost every problem

From E. coli bacteria and udder health to fertility problems and lameness, Svenja Sudeick knows solutions to almost every problem on the farm. During her training with the AGRAVIS team, this young woman gained valuable insights from her vet colleagues on how to care for cattle and expanded her knowledge. She has also integrated the development of new products and works on solutions in cooperation with product managers and field staff. She then actively monitors their implementation on site, alongside the field staff.

How to convince the farmers

From her previous experience as a farm vet specialising in the care of pigs, she knows that vets are not always welcomed with open arms on farms. "The farmers definitely test me, also because I'm a young woman. Sensitivity and powers of persuasion are needed, especially with older, more experienced farmers."

Close cooperation with feedstuff consultants

Svenja Sudeick is happy to support feedstuff consultants on the farm. Together they can address problems from both a feed and a veterinary point of view and find an optimal solution tailored to the farm in question. "I always like it when we talk openly around the table with all the consultants and the farm vet and are able to help the farmer in this way," says Sudeick. "Often, a problem has more than one cause that needs to be resolved. I need to play detective and go over all the factors until I know how we can help."

Vet: a varied profession

It is easy to explain why feedstuff consulting and veterinary medicine are so closely linked, says Sudeick. "A 100-metre runner cannot just consume Coke and crisps and achieve his goals. It's the same with animals." Heavy demands are placed on them nowadays. To fulfil the expectations, the animals need a feed concept that is adapted to and suitable for their needs. However, it can sometimes take two to four weeks before the effects of a change of feed become noticeable.

Animals have always been Svenja Sudeick's passion. "I wanted to be a vet right from when I was in primary school," she recalls. She loves the diversity of her profession and is enjoying her new "AGRAVIS" challenge.

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