AGRAVIS invests in Menke Agrar GmbH and a future market

From 1st July this year, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG will take over 75 per cent of the agricultural technology parts wholesaler Menke Agrar GmbH Menke Agrar GmbH in Soest. Menke Agrar is one of the three major national agricultural technology parts wholesalers with modern logistics and a great deal of know-how.

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"This step underlines our intention to grow, even within the Machinery business segment – we intend to build upon our market position via strategic partnerships and investments", emphasised AGRAVIS Chief Executive Dr Clemens Große Frie. Member of the Board of Directors Johannes Schulte-Althoff added: "This step means that we can provide our customers with a wider range of spare parts". Due to the acquisition of the majority share both partners are able to grow and to pool their experiences. For AGRAVIS this means synergies arise in procurement – customers benefit from optimised warehouse logistics as well as greater availability of spare parts. The majority shareholding is subject to approval from the anti-trust authorities.

New stimulus for growth through cooperation

Menke Agrar GmbH remains active on the market as a national and international agricultural technology parts wholesaler. Management remains the responsibility of Dr Andreas Menke, who expects new stimulus for growth through this collaboration. "We can now carry out further steps for expansion and further investments into the market, which is determined by ever larger players. We believe that new opportunities will arise within specialist retail", said Dr Andreas Menke, who added the following: "In order to best exploit the opportunities arising in the future through the megatrends of internationalisation and digitalisation, we have decided to enter into a close partnership with AGRAVIS, a strong company that is focused on growth. By doing so, we intend to further improve our performance and competitiveness, increase options within specialist retail and have a positive effect on developing the industry".

An even more attractive service for agricultural customers

"In the future we won't just be able to provide original spare parts from the manufacturer, but also provide fair value-oriented spare and wear parts. This makes our service more attractive for agricultural customers", explains Gerd Schulz, the area manager responsible for technology at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. "Menke Agrar GmbH has a large customer base and an international network, which we want to serve and also expand".

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