Painting and handicrafts competition for kindergartens

AGRAVIS and DERBY DERBY support an initiative from Recklinghausen Raiffeisen Market: Riding is very much a trend at the current time, however many children and young people have very little contact with horses. The non-profit association "Horses for our children" ("Pferde für unsere Kinder e.V.") wants to chance this and has initiated the "10,000 wooden horses for kindergartens" ("10.000 Holzpferde für Kindergärten") project.

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Above all, the organisation wants to make it possible, particularly for children of kindergarten age, to cover the topic of horses in a fun way using pedagogical learning material. It is supported by the Raiffeisen Market Raiffeisen Market in Recklinghausen, which organises a painting and handicrafts competition for children of kindergarten age in the area along with DERBY Spezialfutter GmbH and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. First prize is a handsome wooden horse as well as an educational pack. Further prizes include a picnic table, a child's workbench, a miniature cowshed with milking machine, and a tournament set with toy animals.

Kindergarten groups can submit their applications to the Raiffeisen Market in Recklinghausen until 24th June 2016. These should be a maximum of 1 x 1 metre in size and can be designed in any style. The five best submissions will be selected on 30th June 2016 and be invited to the prizegiving ceremony on 5th July from 2pm onwards in the Raiffeisen Market in Recklinghausen. The prizes are handed out during a colourful action day with the focus all on horses.

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