AGRAVIS Field Days 2016 – regional, compact, current

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG will have four regional Field Days Field Days in the course of this year. Within the whole area of operation, the crop cultivation crop cultivation experts within the company have prepared various events. The start is marked by the cereals Field Day at Versuchsgut St. Mauritz Versuchsgut St. Mauritz in Münster on 9th June.

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Current issues regarding yield and quality assurance are demonstrated on the field days. In this case the focus is on the interactions between variety features, cultivation systems, and new requirements set out by legal obligations. We are delighted to discuss solutions to problems for the relevant questions.

Systematic scientific tests

The areas on which the field days take place have been part of trials by AGRAVIS, its subsidiaries, and local Raiffeisen cooperatives for years. Systematic scientific tests are used there to check regional, practical fertilisation and crop protection strategies and are accurately explained during the tour. Effects of individual steps can be assessed, determined, and evaluated in a direct comparison.

Practical tips on site

The Field Days give customers the opportunity to gain an insight into the trials and to ask questions to the experts on site. Symptoms can be assessed directly on the plant and features of varieties are explained in detail – recommendations for action in stock management and the corresponding use of technology are also included.

All schedules and topics at a glance:

  • Thursday 9th June, 3 – 8pm, AGRAVIS-Versuchsgut St. Mauritz, Werse 23, 48157 Münster.
    Topics: Cereal varieties, crop protection in cereals, catch crop cultivation, grass mixtures, fertilisation trials, liming sub-areas
  • Friday 10th June, 4 – 8pm, AGRAVIS-Versuchsbetrieb Kleimann, Lübbecker Straße 361, 33739 Bielefeld. Topics: Rape varieties, cereal varieties, crop protection in cereals, catch crop cultivation, basic fertilisation of sub-areas, sowing maize in sub-areas
  • Friday 17th June, 10am – 4pm, AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH, OT Eldagsen, 31832 Springe.
    Topics: Rape, cereal varieties, crop protection with cereal and rape, catch crop cultivation, basic fertilisation of sub-areas, legumes, sugar beets, spelt
  • Wednesday 22th June, 10am – 4pm, AGRAVIS Kornhaus Ostwestfalen GmbH, OT Großeneder, 34434 Borgentreich.
    Topics: Rape varieties, cereal varieties, crop protection, catch crop cultivation, fertilisation trials, sowing maize in sub-areas, agricultural technology from specialist regional companies, D and I trials of Landwirtschaftskammer Münster

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