DLG Field Days AGRAVIS experts provide information in Haßfurt

Enterprising farmers will be on hand at stand G/GF 224 during the DLG Field Days DLG Field Days from 14th – 16th June in Haßfurt to see the innovative force of crop cultivation crop cultivation and farm machinery farm machinery from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. Once again, the AGRAVIS experts can be found amongst the over 300 exhibitors from 20 countries that make Gut Mariaburghausen a meeting place for crop cultivation professionals.

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Farmers can find a comprehensive market overview of brands, fertilisers, and crop protection agents, production processes, services, and innovative products on exhibition and trial plots of more than 45 hectares. The crop cultivation sales consultancy within AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG occupies a stand of approximately 120 square metres with the number G/GF 224. It is easy to find for visitors coming in via the western entrance.

Digitalisation for more efficient work procedures

Innovation – this is also the core issue that the experts at AGRAVIS are bringing to the DLG Field Days this year. Digitalisation offers huge potential for enhanced efficiency in work processes, the possibility of using operating materials in a more optimal manner and, ultimately, an increased profitability and higher returns. During Agritechnica in November 2015 the AGRAVIS subsidiary AGRAVIS NetFarming GmbH AGRAVIS NetFarming GmbH which was only founded a few months previously, introduced its new products: the products include site-specific base fertilisation, the sowing schedule for maize which offers great potential to increase yields and, in doing so, also takes into account the varying performance strengths of specific sites, order management using the ISARIA sensor and the optimised RTK network which also provides cost-saving alternatives through the spatial mapping of the RTK signal.

The platform netfarming.de netfarming.de is the central tool

The central tool for monitoring processes and data management is the new platform netfarming.de netfarming.de, which links the farmer's office to the tractor out on the field. The modules connect technical innovation with crop cultivation concepts. Appropriately for the DLG Field Days, the new subsidiary will also introduce its new product, where the farmer can use his own area-specific experience for planning all operations for specific sites. The "Free Application Planning" is based on a management zone card, upon which application cards can be planned and created in an independent, quick, and completely flexible manner.

Crop cultivation app IQ-Plant Pro IQ-Plant Pro

Another digital "cultivation aid" is the crop cultivation app IQ-Plant Pro IQ-Plant Pro, that AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has relaunched three years after its start. The original crop production app was also a success: it was downloaded 26,000 times by farmers. At the DLG Field Days the experts at AGRAVIS will demonstrate the new offerings to farmers which are optimally tailored to their requirements and with versatile functions and services. The fertilising weather display element is the most important innovation and core of the new app. The farmer finds out when the right time for crop protection measures is based on regional weather data such as humidity and temperature. "There are many weather apps, but we don’t leave farmers to their own devices. Instead we evaluate information for them in a clear traffic light system based on our know-how," emphasised Astrid Manns from the crop cultivation sales consultancy. Tailored information for customers – that is the major advantage of IQ-Plant Pro.

Innovative product and advice concepts

Precision Farming and IQ-Plant Pro are just two examples for the various innovative product and advisory concepts within crop cultivation and in farm machinery that the AGRAVIS team will present at the DLG Field Days. Farmers benefit in the field from the wide-ranging trials and practical experience of such specialists.

Further information can be found here here as well as on the official page of the DLG Field Days DLG Field Days.

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