AGRAVIS 2016 grain varieties

Stable, high yield, or particularly resistant? AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has the appropriate cereal variety appropriate cereal variety regardless of requirements and conditions.

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An overview:

KWS Barny – the short straw variety with excellent performance

Amongst the new approvals for 2016 from the Federal Plant Variety Office is the extremely high-yield B wheat variety KWS Barny. This was classified with the highest yield mark of 9 in its segment amongst new approvals, and this potential was also demonstrated last year in the AGRAVIS variety trials on the in-house research farm research farm in Münster-St. Mauritz. KWS Barny is characterised by good leaf health and average susceptibility to fusarium fungi. This strong profile means that the variety is potentially interesting for maize crop rotations that are problematic due to fusarium fungi. With somewhat above-average growth, this variety is suitable for late sowing, but should not grow too vigorously if the seed rate is adjusted for early seeding.

Celoona – the top athlete

With hybrid barley varieties, the benefits continue to be consistent and strong yield, as well as tolerance to late sowing. The Celoona variety is a primary example. It is characterised by good leaf health and top yields in all locations. As a single-ear variety it is also suitable for lighter soils that are suitable for barley. Stability should be ensured as is with all other hybrids, Celoona shows a good reaction to the use of growth regulators.

Fredro – demonstrates phenomenal hardiness

Within the range of triticale varieties, Fredro showed last year at St. Mauritz that it provided excellent output. Due to its growth it is suitable for late sowing and has good leaf health, especially with mildew and yellow rust. Due to its plant length and low vulnerability in storage, the variety is also suitable for operations with high use of farm manure as well as farmers who expect a high straw yield. However, this should be safeguarded with the use of growth regulators.

Barolo – demonstrates good stability and high yields

Barolo is another new variety (approved in 2015) for cultivation. Just like Fredro, Barolo is early to average in its maturity class and is characterised by very good leaf health. This variety features extremely short straws, combined with good stability, yield productivity occurs via average to high stock density, a very high quantity of grains/ears at average TKM.

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