Crystalyx Garlyx: Supporting natural insect repellents

Many farmers are currently on the lookout for suitable options to protect grazing animals from mosquitoes and other stinging insects during the summer months. Insects irritate the livestock, which then become restless and feed intake can fall. This also has an effect on the milk output and fattening of the animals.

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In addition, the Schmallenberg virus is active once more, as pointed out by chambers of agriculture and animal health authorities. The virus is transmitted by blood-sucking insects, particularly midges. Furthermore, airborne insects also transmit pathogens for mastitis and other viruses such as bluetongue illness. The consequences may include serious economic losses. Crystalyx Garlyx Crystalyx Garlyx provides a simple option for supporting natural insect repellents.

The supplement feed, which is freely offered to animals in the form of a lick, contains garlic. After intake, the animals emit the sulphur-containing smell of garlic. This acts as a repellent to insects such as mosquitoes and gadflies.

The crucial effect of all Crystalyx products is optimisation of the rumen metabolism. Feed intake and digestibility are both increased. Higher daily milk output and fattening of animals are the result. The effect is due to the patented manufacturing process, where molasses and vegetable fat are combined with additional nutrients and minerals. The natural insect repellent is an additional effect that is only achieved by the Crystalyx Garlyx variety.

The products are characterised by their excellent taste and weather resistance, and are proven in practice. Crystalyx Garlyx is available in 22.5 and 80 kg plastic tubs.

Further information regarding this or all other Crystalyx products can be found at or telephoning 0049 2 51/6 82 11 55.

Due to the garlic contained, Crystalyx Garlyx must not be fed to lactating cows, sheep, or goats (drinking milk). Stop taking this at least one week before milking. In case of animals being fattened, stop taking this four weeks before slaughter.

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