Holzhandlung Gundelach in Bockenem business park

The Holzhandlung Gundelach GmbH Holzhandlung Gundelach GmbH company has opened a branch in the Bockenem business park. The subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG moved from Hildesheim to the new location in Bockenem in December 2015. The official opening of the new branch, in Walter-Althoff-Strasse 6, was celebrated along with customers and interested parties on 23 April 2016.

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“A timber merchants has been constructed within nine months on a 18,000 square metre site, and it is equipped in line with state-of-the-art technology and requirements,” reports managing director Claus-Peter Schöner. “We look forward to being able to provide our customers with an even larger and more comprehensive product range compared to our old location in Hildesheim.”

Sophisticated logistics and optimal goods distribution

The company has belonged to AGRAVIS since 1997 and is keeping ahead of ever-increasing demand for dry woods with this new building. An enclosed storage area of more than 5,700 square metres constructed in line with current fire protection requirements also has sophisticated logistics and allows for optimal goods distribution. An additional 700 square metres is available for retail, office, and social space.

For professionals and private customers

Gundelach specialises in structural timber as a wholesaler and importer. All timber that is necessary for the trade in construction materials and their customers are stored in the warehouse in typical cross-sections and lengths. “This means we are capable, at any time, of supplying our customers with any required dimensions even at short notice,” Schöner clearly states. A special range is available for professional clients such as roofers and carpenters, which also covers the necessary connecting components and fixing technology for timber construction as well as tools. Impregnation is another service that is offered.

Private customers also have access to a wide range from classic structural timber to timber for the garden including timber processing, such as ironmongery. A trailer is available to hire for customers if transportation is required.

Ten skilled employees advise customers on tailored solutions to their individual building requirements. “We place great emphasis on tailored advice,” explains the managing director, before adding: “This investment means we are building on our position as one of the leading timber wholesalers in Lower Saxony.”

Facts and data

  • Holzhandlung Gundelach GmbH
    Bockenem branch
    Walter-Althoff-Str. 6
    31167 Bockenem
  • Site area: 18,000 square metres
  • Building: 6,400 square metres, of which storage space: 5,700 square metres of retail, office, and social space: 700 square metres
  • Employees: 10, of which 1 is an apprentice
  • Total investment: 4 million euro
  • Start of construction: March 2015, Relocation: December 2015
  • Business segment: Wholesaler and importer of structural timber, special range for roofers and carpenters;
  • for private customers: building timber, timber for the garden, ironmongery, amongst others
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7:30am until 5:30pm, Saturday 8am until midday

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