AGRAVIS Technik Center GmbH checks used machinery

What applies to a car, certainly applies to agricultural engineering: Buying second used farm machinery Buying second used farm machinery is a matter of trust. The customer only buys a second-hand machine from the dealer when he has a good feeling that he is receiving quality for the money that is spent. The company AGRAVIS Technik Center GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Center GmbH, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, bundles together the business with used farm machinery. Experts with specialist knowledge in the Key Markets and Sales division are in Meppen and other second used farm machinery centres – for example, Nils Zalter.

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Both customer machinery and used machinery are repaired, thoroughly checked, then refurbished in the AGRAVIS Technik Center GmbH workshops.AGRAVIS Technik Center GmbH checks used machinery 
Both customer machinery and used machinery are repaired, thoroughly checked, then refurbished in the AGRAVIS Technik Center GmbH workshops.

Last year Zalter wrote a project thesis based on AGRAVIS Technik BvL GmbH on the topic of “professional handling of used farm machinery” for the Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften (Academy of German Cooperative Societies) in Montabaur. He now uses his knowledge in his day-to-day business with AGRAVIS Technik Center GmbH. This means that one aspect leads into another when a used item of machinery is part-exchanged. Field sales employees create a checklist with the customer on site, and take photographs of the machinery. Experts at the locations can evaluate the machinery based on the pictures and the list whilst taking into account necessary preparatory or repair work.

Customer receives a fair market offer

Due to daily contact with used technology, worldwide sales experience and constant research on the Internet, they have perfect knowledge of the market and can assist in finding the right price. This procedure is beneficial to field sales staff and also the customer. The field sales staff do not have to decide on their own, whilst the customer receives a serious offer that is at fair market rates and not estimated.

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If the second used farm machinery is traded in part-exchange, then it is tested in one of the AGRAVIS second used farm machinery centres, serious defects are eliminated, then intensive cleaning and visual refurbishing take place. This means that the used machinery makes an excellent first impression on the customer when in the exhibition hall, and also that this impression is maintained beyond that. For AGRAVIS Technik Center GmbH the most important quotation and marketing tool is the Internet. A comprehensive description is especially important, as the search engines on the Internet platform filter precisely in line with customer requirements. As you'd expect, photos and prices are available for AGRAVIS machinery. When selling used farm machinery, everything should be precisely fixed, defined, and archived in writing.

A large selection is available

Buyers know that the AGRAVIS experts have the necessary knowledge of the machinery that they are offering and that the machinery has also been thoroughly checked. “We don’t just have the covers here, but we also know what is happening within the machinery,” emphasises Nils Zalter. A further benefit for the customer is the wide selection of machinery AGRAVIS Technik Center GmbH can offer interested farmers – and not just on site. “We have access to a great deal of stock. With one click, we can see everything from all 119 branches in the AGRAVIS Technik Group. There are always approximately 3,500 machines available! Our customer can therefore select from a far larger range than what we simply have in our yard,” explains Zalter.

Checked, found to be good, and with full service – this is not done on the cheap. AGRAVIS places great value on quality and sustainability. And all that at a market price.

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