AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG contributes to broiler production

250,000 to 400,000 different types of herb can be found worldwide amongst the various kinds of flowering plants according to current estimates. These plants plants can be used to gain essential oils with differing properties, such as, for example, stimulating appetite or increasing production of enzymes. These positive effects can be used within poultry farming. InMiravit Eubisan 3000 Miravit Eubisan 3000, a supplement feed for broilers, turkeys, and laying hens that was developed by AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, animals are given the benefits of essential oils via drinking water.

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The Miravit Eubisan 3000 supplement feed for broilers, turkeys, and laying hens is provided via drinking water. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG contributes to broiler production 
The Miravit Eubisan 3000 supplement feed for broilers, turkeys, and laying hens is provided via drinking water.

The selection of essential oils and their synergistic effects are the key factor in the composition of Miravit Eubisan 3000. This means that the supplement feed can stabilise physiological digestion in stressful situations, such as those that can arise during the stabling phase, when adjusting feed, and after stabling. A field test at a broiler farm shows several effects: 41,490 one-day old broiler chicks were stabled on the same day in control and test groups in two identical stalls with identical occupation densities. The animals had “Ross 708” genetics and originated from the same group of adults. This means that both groups can be correspondingly compared with each other in terms of feed intake, animal weight, and footpad health.

Footpad health is an indicator

The difference between both groups hints towards a more stable organism with regard to the test group, which was particularly apparent during immunisation and the switchovers to other types of feed. In addition, there was also a difference in final weight. The test group achieved a higher weight by 55 grams (1,883 compared to 1,828 grams) at the time of stabling on the 31st day. At final stabling on the 41st day, the test group achieved a higher weight per animal of 75 grams (2,598 compared to 2,523 grams). The more balanced feed intake and the higher average weight of the broilers also show that feed conversion has a better value by 3 points (1.59 compared to 1.62) in the test group compared to the control group. A further development regarding physiological digestion and ventilation management during the process is shown by evaluation of footpad health.

Individual substances promote appetite

In the test group 27.44 percent of stabled broilers do not show any changes to their footpads. During the test period in the control group, on the other hand, this figure was 17.4 percent. In addition, Miravit Eukavit liquid, an additional supplement with flavourings is applied from 48 hours onwards after immunisations for two to three days in order to stabilise the organism during stressful situations. The specially selected essential oils and organic acids as used in Miravit Eubisan 3000 have differing properties. The individual substances promote appetite, enzyme production, and have synergistic effects that can stabilise physiological digestion in stressful situations.

Technical features are of great importance

Providing 250 to 350 millilitres for every 1,000 litres of drinking water for stabling during the feed change and after stabling should both take place over a period of three days. The technical properties are also of great importance when using such liquid supplement feeds in order to ensure that a homogeneous mixture arises when it is provided via drinking water. Only then can the positive features of the essential oils be exploited, in order to support vitalisation and also support the immune system. Furthermore, continuous monitoring of drinking water quality using the Desintec control measures in the henhouse is also very important in order to optimise microbiological drinking water quality alongside the usage of Miravit vitalisation concepts.

Information regarding the vitalisation concepts can be obtained from Andre Stevens, product manager at Desintec and Miravit Geflügel with AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, Tel. +49 175 2958357,

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