AGRAVIS NetFarming: Determining yield potentials by using satellites

Until now, farmers had always applied a fixed dosage of seeds, fertiliser, or crop protection products on their fields. However, large strokes often feature a certain level of heterogeneity due to different soil properties, water channels, and management forms. The use of remote sensing provides a more comprehensive and reliable solution. In particular, AGRAVIS NetFarming GmbH AGRAVIS NetFarming GmbH has also developed and become synonymous with this method within the precision farming precision farming sector.

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The heterogeneity of the strokes has the result that even the fertility within a stroke can vary strongly, which subsequently has an effect on crop growth and therefore also the yield. As a result, a few farmers attempt to adapt the cultivation intensity to their own experiences. Many of these observations are, however, difficult to record in terms of time and space.

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“Regardless of the weather, we can obtain all the relevant information needed relatively quickly regarding the varying performance of specific sites by means of satellite-supported remote sensing,” explains Jan Carl Habermann, sales representative at AGRAVIS NetFarming GmbH. “In this way we are able to give the farmer an overview of all their operations”. Consideration of completely new operational areas is also possible using this method.

Evaluation according to actual agricultural use

Satellite-based data acquisition takes place based on multi-spectral analysis. The satellites used are equipped with multi-spectral cameras for this procedure. These scan the surface of the fields and can render the active biomass and chlorophyll distribution of plants visible to the human eye in doing so. Evaluation of satellite images over several years takes place in a crop-specific manner in accordance with actual agricultural use. “Together with the information regarding crop rotation we are able to provide the farmer with valuable information concerning the yield potential of his land. If yield mapping is available then offsetting these means that a qualitative statement can be provided regarding expected yields,” explains Christian Carl, who supports the NetFarming-Team as a crop cultivation sales consultant crop cultivation sales consultant.

Management zone cards

To render the remote sensing data usable, AGRAVIS NetFarming also allows for the creation of what are known as management zone cards. These cards allow for the various specific sites within a stroke, along with yield, to be mapped for the farmer. Areas with similar yield potential were summarised together into management zones. “If the farmer aligns his management to these zones, then any work methods can be optimised in the field,” emphasises Christian Carl. Particularly with regard to intensifying the fertiliser ordinance, it is extremely important to use exact doses of nutrients and to use these efficiently.

Targeted use of resources

At the same time, various environmental requirements and increasing prices for equipment call for targeted use of resources, explained Carl. “We can achieve this through the use of application cards based on management zones,” adds Habermann. From the variety of possible natural and agricultural information regarding the location as well as the farm manager's know-how, all necessary information required for the relevant application is taken into account to create an application card. The exact application quantity is calculated for every zone on the application card and saved as an order in the card. Depending on the technical specifications, these orders can be transferred to the machinery via a USB stick or radio.

Remote sensing remains an important aid even after the application cards have been used. The strokes can be monitored on the basis of new satellite images and plant cultivation can be optimised further.

More information regarding AGRAVIS NetFarming GmbH can be obtained from Jan Carl Habermann, Tel. +49 511 . 8075-3395, or

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