Petrol station network expands: Raiffeisen Card is becoming more popular

An increasing number of cooperative petrol station operators are working together with the Raiffeisen Card Raiffeisen Card GbR syndicate. In the meantime, 55 partners are represented in this association with 186 stations. “Also, many further petrol stations are currently in the midst of technical preparations,” reports Carsten Kippschnieder, head of the petrol station sector petrol station sector at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

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Together with three cooperatives from Lower Saxony, AGRAVIS took the initiative two years ago and joined forces to create a cooperative petrol station business. Customers can use their Raiffeisen Card to pay without cash at these stations.

The Raiffeisen Card is also attractive in that it is accepted atTankstellennetz Deutschland (TND) Tankstellennetz Deutschland (TND) petrol stations. 520 stations are connected to this national petrol station network. “The network is continuously expanding and this means that the practical benefit of the Raiffeisen Card for our customers also increases,” says Kippschnieder regarding the positive development. Both IG Raiffeisen-Card GbR and Tankstellennetz Deutschland reported a positive interim balance regarding network activities in March 2016. The IG Raiffeisen Card shareholders' meeting pleasingly established that the number of cooperative participants in the petrol station network is 55, which is greater than was expected for the initial phase.

The association grows

The plan was for 50 participating cooperatives during this timeframe. “The objective for 2016 is to gain further participants for the IG Raiffeisen Card and therefore also for the national petrol station network,” explains Kippschnieder. The proof that this collaboration with Raiffeisen petrol stations actually works – in both directions – is shown by the relatively balanced ratio of what are known as crossovers, buying petrol at stations that are paid for using “external” Raiffeisen Cards.

The Internet presence of the Raiffeisen petrol station network is also to be expanded. At the moment it is being considered whether to set up a compact, central landing page where the individual websites of all partners are linked. Improvements to the existing app or development of a completely new petrol station network app are also being considered.

Web presence and a standardised look

It is feasible that the Raiffeisen petrol station network doesn't just have a standardised look on the Internet, but also in terms of the appearance of individual petrol stations. The partners now intend to create designs in an initial step towards a new, modern, and standardised corporate design.

“The pleasing development of the Raiffeisen petrol station network and therefore also the national network shows us that this was the right move,” summarises Carsten Kippschnieder. He is confident that the network will continue to grow and that the Raiffeisen Card will become increasingly important as a convenient, nationally-accepted method of payment.

The Raiffeisen Card can be obtained from participating cooperatives.

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