AGRAVIS provides culinary delights in Raiffeisen Markets

Looks good and also tastes good – edible ornamental plants, snack vegetables, and columnar fruit trees are increasingly found in gardens, beds, and terraces, as well as in pots and pans. For this reason, a special range was developed for the AGRAVISRaiffeisen Markets Raiffeisen Markets so that the shelves are filled with a wider range of products.

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This year, new things meet old favourites; colourful blooms are not the only things decorating plates, but also new discoveries such as pink blueberries will be on the menu. “Above all, this is aimed at the younger generation,” said Anne Büscher, employee within the Garden category in theMarkets division at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG Markets division at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, “as the do-it-yourself trend is also becoming increasingly popular with regard to healthy eating”.

For example, one novelty this season is that the known herb pots have been supplemented with urban pots. The modern herb pot for the barbecue nowadays does not just consist of one type, but three. Within the range of columnar fruit trees, Silver Pearl is a particularly popular crab-apple variety, as the yellow-red fruit is somewhat harder and can be processed into jelly very well. Summer fruit enthusiasts can thoroughly enjoy Rubis nectarines from the range of dwarf fruits as the tree blossoms relatively early in white and pink hues. Customers are very much in line with this trend: “TV cooking programmes and the trend for urban horticulture steer the attention of our customers towards sustainable and independent gardening,” says the garden specialist.

Whether you have – or don’t have – a green thumb, the ease of upkeep for modern plants is especially appealing to beginners, who appreciate hardiness alongside full flavour and attractive appearance. Whether on a balcony or a garden bed, delicious plants grow anywhere where traditional plants grow.

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